Solution for Wheat Procedures


The food quality largely rests upon the flour quality. To obtain the high-quality flour from the wheat, you not only need to have in-depth knowledge of each processing step, but also need the specialized equipment. Pingle aspires to provide the most advanced technology for high-quality flour manufacturing. As the leader in the industry of grain processing, we promise you that our technology conforms to the high standards and our custom service will totally meet your demand. Choosing our high-end product solution, you will be rewarded with excellent product quality, high yield and high profit, and following is the details.

1. Cleaning

The wheat will be mixed with impurities during the process of growing, reaping, storing and transporting. These impurities may damage the equipment or block the feeding pipeline, and thereby may affect the flour quality. So, they must be removed before the processing. Pingle adopts the drum separator for preliminary cleaning so that large, small and light impurities can be effectively removed. Generally, the cleaning process is composed of three parts, i.e. pre-cleaning of original wheat, moisture addition and final cleaning. For pre-cleaning of original wheat, we will adopt the corresponding equipment for filtration, stone removal, wheat washing, wheat scouring, elaborate separation, magnetic separation to remove various impurities mixed with the wheat. Moisture addition is also known as wheat wetting, including dry process and wet process. The former utilizes the dampener for wheat dampening and features less water consumption, no discharge water and perfect cleaning, especially suitable for large factories. The latter mainly uses the wheat washer, and the water consumption is huge. Meanwhile, there is waste water discharge. Thus, this method suits small and medium-sized factories. The final cleaning will make use of a series of specialized equipment for complete cleaning to ensure the clean wheat quality before milling and improve the product purity.

2. Flour Milling

During the process of flour milling, a series of equipment for milling, bolting and purifying will be applied to separate the hull and the endosperm of clean wheat and also to mill the endosperm into the finished flour of various grades. Pingle can provide the flourmill with the milling equipment including the PLMF electric and pneumatic roller mills, auxiliary milling equipment including the impact detacher and the impact mill, bolting equipment including the FSFG square plansifter, auxiliary bolting equipment including the bran brusher and the bran finisher, FQFD purifier as well as the other equipment.

3. Flour Processing

The flour processing system is applicable for various kinds of flours according to the requirements of customers. Pingle can afford the double bin plansifter, bug sprayer, weighing and packing machine, conveyor, trace mineral adding machine, etc.