Solution for CornProcedures


1. Cleaning The first step is cleaning and moisture addition of original maize. Pingle can provide the TQLZ self balanced vibratory separator, TQSFB gravity separator destoner and the TCXT magnetic separator for removing impurities and metal substances to reduce equipment damage during the subsequent processing. Meanwhile, we provide the FZSH intensive dampener for dampening the original maize to improve the degerming efficiency and purity.

2. Maize Grinding and Germ Extraction

In this step, the maize will be ground, hulled, degermed based on the different physical properties of the embryo, endosperm and the hull. Besides, we also provide the FSJP maize grinder, SN maize polisher, 5XJ maize embryo selector and the TPJ maize degerminator.

3. Flour Milling

A series of equipment for grinding, bolting and purifying is used to mill the purified endosperm into the end flour of various grades. Pingle can afford the PLMF pneumatic and electric flour mills, impact mill, FSFG square plansifter and the FQFD purifier.

4. Flour Processing

This system can be applied to various kinds of flours, and we can provide the double bin plansifter, weighing and packing machine and the conveyor.