PINGLE can provide total cereal processing solutions for international customers. A thorough understanding of client-side technologies enables us to fully satisfy customer requirements. Our expertise can be accessed through professional services such as consultation, technical support, and project management. Implementation of acomplete set of PINGLE equipment can ensure the fine processing of raw materials, which in turn guarantees superior yields. We aim to streamline your production process so that you can minimize labor and operating costs.


The food quality largely rests upon the flour quality. To obtain the high-quality flour from the wheat, you not only need to have in-depth knowledge of each processing step, but also need the specialized equipment. Pingle aspires to provide the most advanced technology for high-quality flour manufacturing. As the leader in the industry of grain processing, we promise you that our technology conforms to the high standards and our custom service will totally meet your demand. Choosing our high-end product solution, you will be rewarded with excellent product quality, high yield and high profit, and following is the details.

Details Cleaning

The first step is cleaning and moisture addition of original maize. Pingle can provide the TQLZ self balanced vibratory separator, TQSFB gravity separator destoner and the TCXT magnetic separator for removing impurities and metal substances to reduce equipment damage during the subsequent processing. Meanwhile, we provide the FZSH intensive dampener for dampening the original maize to improve the degerming efficiency and purity.

Maize Grinding and Germ Extraction

In this step, the maize will be ground, hulled, degermed based on the different physical properties of the embryo, endosperm and the hull. Besides, we also provide the FSJP maize grinder, SN maize polisher, 5XJ maize embryo selector and the TPJ maize degerminator.