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Maize Degerminator

As indicated by the self-explanatory name, our maize degerminator is designed for the degerming process of maize, and it has some outstanding properties as demonstrated below.

1. Owing to the gentle processing step, the germ, epidermis and endosperm are neatly separated, while only an extremely small amount of fine particle is created. Thus, pure end product with consistent high quality is obtained.

2. Due to the intensive friction between the roll rotor and the screen jacket as well as the proper adjustment of retarding pressure at the machine outlet, a higher degermination rate is achieved for this maize degerminator, thereby maximizing the throughput of main products.






Technical Parameters of Maize Embryo Selector
(For reference only)

Power Power (kW) Weight Size (L×W×H, m)
TPJ30×150 Y180M-4-15-18.5kW 800kg 3t/h 2710×650×1750mm

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