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Maize Grinder

Our maize grinder is developed on the basis of hammer mill. For the integral maize kernels that have been moisture conditioned, this machine is able to finish dehulling, degerming and grinding operations in one step, and the processing efficiency is improved. Technically speaking, the power consumption for producing one tonnage of maize grit is reduced by 20%-30% when compared with traditional machine, thereby significantly enhancing the economic returns.

With the help of this machine, a complete granule of maize is shattered into 4-6 fragments with tidy appearance. The embryo breakage rate is less than 10%, and the hull is kept entire. This brings great convenience for the following separation of embryo, hull and grit. So, this maize grinder is highly recommended.

1. The grinding chamber adopts water drop design to effectively eliminate circulation during grinding stage, and high yield is realized.

2. On the bottom of the grinding chamber, there is a U-shaped second grinding mechanism which is used to increase beating numbers. So, the maize fragments are more uniform in size.

3. By adjusting the gap between hammer and screen, both coarse grinding and fine grinding are available.

4. The rotor passes precise dynamic balance test, so this maize grinder could work in a quiet and stable way.

5. The hammer blades are fabricated by hard alloy through vacuum sintering process, and they are very durable.

6. The fully openable door makes it very simple to check and change the hammers.

Technical Parameters(For reference only)

Model Power Weight (kg) Throughput (t/h) Size (mm)
FSJP (160M) 56×36 Y160M-4W-11kW 578 2-5 1536×806×909
FSJP 56×36 Y180M-4W-18.5kW 630 3-6 1536×806×909

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