• Family Workshop Flour Milling

    Our product outputs flour with consistent quality, and it fits for continuous or ordered production. About 95 percent of our flour milling plants are exported to Egypt.

  • Small Scale Flour Milling Plan

    This product is applied to fabricate graded flour that is universally used in bakery and biscuit factory, and it is preferred by small or medium sized flour mills。

  • Multi-storey Steel Structure F

    Our product combines factory building and production equipment together. The steel-structure building is rapidly constructed, and the machines are installed in a convenient way.

  • Steel Structure Flour Milling

    For all the models, the steel structure has 3 layers, and there are crawling ladders between them. The building is less than 12m in height, and this not only reduces

  • Multi-storey Flour Milling Pla

    A hanging bin could be built to realize wheat batching or flour batching. The finished flour can be discharged from the second floor for...