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Multi-storey Steel Structure Flour Milling Plant

Owing to our engineering technicians' effort, the multi-storey steel structure flour milling plant is successfully developed, and this is achieved for the first time in China. It fully satisfies all production requirements, and generates handsome economic benefit.

Composition and Models
The machinery contains square plansifter, pneumatic roller mill and other flour milling equipment. With the novel design, advanced equipment and scientific production flow, this flour milling plant is commonly used to manufacture tailored flour and graded flour. In addition, co-production is also allowed, and the available model includes 100TPD, 120TPD, 140TPD, 160TPD, 200TPD, 220TPD, 250TPD and 300TPD.

1. The building cost takes up a sharply lowered proportion in the total investment, and this design helps investors out from heavy building tasks. Meanwhile, the steel structure lightens the building's weight and cuts down the investment required for ground treatment as well as infrastructure.

2. Our product combines factory building and production equipment together. The steel-structure building is rapidly constructed, and the machines are installed in a convenient way. These two steps are conducted at the same time. So, both time and money are saved, making it possible to gain economic returns in a short time.

3. The building is reasonably designed, and the interior part makes use of section steel while the outer wall adopts color steel plate to provide a tidy and elegant appearance. On the other hand, the original wheat and cleaned wheat are stored separately in rectangle-shaped steel bins whose exterior surface could be covered with heat preservation and insulation layer.

4. Our multi-storey steel structure flour milling plant allows simple disassembly and transportation. So, it can be moved to another place as a whole to further bring economic benefit.

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