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Small Scale Flour Milling Plant

The small scale flour milling plant contains several models which are 6FTS-26A, 6FTS-36A, 6FTFS-42B,

6FTFS-52B, 6FTFS-62B and 6FTFS-82B. This product is applied to fabricate graded flour that is universally used in bakery and biscuit factory, and it is preferred by small or medium sized flour mills, especially suitable for newcomers in this field.

Thanks to the outstanding features, such as little investment, easy operation, low power consumption and others, more than 200 sets of this flour milling plant have been sold around the world. In Ethiopia, for example, AWEL TAHA has already purchased 8 sets up to now, and the total flour output has reached up to 500 tons.








Technical Parameters of Maize Embryo Selector
For reference only)

Throughput (tons of wheat per 24 hours) Power (kW) Power consumed for 1t flour (kWh) Output flour type Size (L×W×H, m)
6FTS-26A 26 93.55 Special flour grade 1: ≤70

Special flour grade 2: ≤65

Standard flour: ≤58
Special flour grade 1

Special flour grade 2

Standard flour
6FTS-36A 36 109.15 31.4×7.5×5
6FTFS-42B 42 104 31.4×7.5×7.2
6FTFS-52B 52 144.55 36.5×8×7.2
6FTFS-62B 62 182.5 40.8×8×7.2
6FTFS-82B 82 249 45.7×8×7.5

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