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Steel Structure Flour Milling Plant

The steel structure flour milling plant is a complete set of equipment that is mainly composed of square plansifter, pneumatic roller mill and many other flour milling machines. It shows the features of small footprint, complete process flow, low building cost, short construction cycle and more.

Models and Applications
This series contains different models including 60TPD, 100TPD, 120TPD, 140TPD, 150TPD, 160TPD, 200TPD and 220TPD. For all the models, the steel structure has 3 layers, and there are crawling ladders between them. The building is less than 12m in height, and this not only reduces the investment, but also cuts down the number of needed working staff which is vey meaningful in lowering the operation cost. Our product is commonly used to manufacture tailored and all-purpose flour, and the finished flour fits for the production of bread, biscuit, spaghetti and instant noodle. Generally speaking, this flour milling plant is often adopted by medium-sized flour mills, and it is much favored by clients in Central Asia and Southeast Asia.

1. Structure

a. This 2-storey plant has a compact structure, and it needs only a small number of operators, usually 2-3 men fewer. The operators could get a clear view upwards when standing on the bottom, such as the running status of purifier, mill, air lock, centrifugal fan, square plansifter, etc.

b. Compared with multi-storey type, this steel structure milling plant could be put into use 4 months earlier due to the shortened building time. Hence, the investment will be returned much faster.

c. It takes a short time to finish installation and pilot run. For example, the installation time for the 140TPD is only 60 days.

d. Due to the limited building height, the construction cost is only 1/2 or 1/3 of mulit-storey type.

2. Complete Product
a. The steel frame is manufactured from high quality steel that is provided by Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corp. The steel columns and supporting parts are welded by 5mm steel tubes and square tubes to offer high strength and good stability. The steel frame is independently installed, and it is not connected to any building.

b. For this flour milling plant, the steel platform is constructed by 3-millimeter-thick anti-slipping riffled plates which are formed by bending process. The steel plates possess high rigidity, and they are not likely to deform, thereby improving the stability of the entire structure.

c. The girder used to hanging the square plansifter is 200mm double-girder type, and it ensures normal working of the square plansifter due to its high strength and good resistance to deformation.

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