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Family Workshop Flour Milling Plant

As indicated by its name, the family workshop flour milling plant is mainly designed for family workshops, and it contains various models which are 9A, 9B, 12A, 12B, 15AN and 18A.

Our product outputs flour with consistent quality, and it fits for continuous or ordered production. About 95 percent of our flour milling plants are exported to Egypt, and the number have almost reached up to 1000 up to 2013. The finished flour is primarily applied to make Egyptian bread, cakes, etc.











Technical Parameters of Maize Embryo Selector
For reference only)
Model Throughput (tons of wheat per 24 hours) Power (kW) Power consumed for 1t flour (kWh) Output flour type Size (L×W×H, m)
9A 9 15.75 Special flour grade 2: ≤60

Standard flour: ≤54
Special flour grade 2

Standard flour
9B 9 109.15 3.4×1.96×3.37
12A 12 19.75 3.1×1.67×3.05
12B 12 20.1 3.4×1.96×3.35
15AN 15 23.6 3.48×1.96×3.35
18A 18 28.6 3.48×1.67×3.35

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