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Drum Separator

The TSCY drum separator is a universal grain pre-cleaning device that is commonly seen in grain mills, feed manufacturing plants and many other industries. The round screening drum rotates continuously to effectively remove coarse and fine impurities from grains, such as stones, bricks, ropes, wood chips, soil blocks, pieces of straw, etc. In this way, the downstream processing and conveying machines are well protected from being blocked or damaged.

Features1. The screening drum has a horizontal arm, and this drum is divided into an inlet cylinder and an outlet cylinder that have different hole sizes. So, the separation efficiency is extremely high. For example, at least 99 percent of coarse impurities are removed from the original grain with the help of this drum separator.

2. The backward feeding method is applied, and the discharge part is equipped with a spiral to prolong the actual processing length, thus improving the final result. Moreover, plump grains won't be mistakenly classified into coarse impurities and discharged with the impurities.

3. During screening, fiber and straw are in a bulk shape and are directed to the outlet by a guide screw. There is a scraper brush inside the drum, and it could clean the impurities in a reliable and automatic way. In addition, it is very convenient to change the screen or implement maintenance work.

4. This drum separator has a compact structure, and the low power running cuts down the operation cost to a large extent.




Technical Parameters(For reference only)
Model TSCY63 TSCY80
Drum diameter (mm) 630 800
Drum length (mm) 840 950
Drum speed (r/min) 23 18
Air requirement (m 3 /h) 640 720
Motor power (kW) 0.55 0.75
Throughput (t/h) 10-15 25-30
Overall dimensions (L×W×H, mm) 1780×880×1260 2080×1000×1440

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