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Sack Sewing Machine

The TDS sack sewing machine should work together with our TFZB series weighing and packing machine. It seals the packed bags and then delivers them to the next work stage.

1. With the help of the powerful conveyor belt, button switch and OMRON travel switch, our product possesses a long service life, and only a little maintenance is required.
2. The sewing machine could trim the thread mechanically and semi-automatically, and the sewing speed is amazingly fast. In addition, the stitch length could be adjusted within 6.5-11mm.








Technical Parameters(For reference only)

Throughput (packs/hour)
Sewing motor power (kW) Sewing motor speed (r/min) Conveying motor power (kW) Conveying speed (mm/s) Dimensions (L×W×H, mm)
200~300 0.37 1380 0.37 100 2120×836×1684

Related Names
Bag Closing and Sealing Equipment | Belt Conveyor | Heavy Duty Bag Sealer