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Double Bin Plansifter

The FSFS series double bin plansifter is mainly used for flour inspection, and it is also capable of sifting and grading materials after grinding process. Aside from flour processing industry, this product is commonly adopted in rice milling, chemical engineering, medicine manufacturing, wine producing and other fields that involve in powder sifting and grading.

1. The sieve frame and mesh are both constructed by aluminum alloy, and they are precise and hard to deform.
2. The connecting positions are handled using sealing strips, and the excellent tightness ensures that the dust inside won't spread to the ambient environment.
3. Our product adopts self-balanced transmission, and the transmission device is set under the sieve. The motor drives the eccentric rotor to rotate through V-belt, and the sieve will do planar rotation as a result of the centrifugal force. This design is simple but reasonable, while low noise and beautiful appearance are both achieved.
4. This double bin plansifter allows convenient and flexible installation. For example, it can be mounted on the ground or hanged to the girder on the ceiling.

Technical Parameters(For reference only)

FSFS 83×2×10 FSFS 100×2×10
Sieve size (mm) 830×830 1000×1000
Power (kW) 1.5 2.2
Sifting area (m2) 7.08 10
Main shaft speed (r/min) 240~255
Turning radius (mm) 22.5~27.5
Overall dimensions (L×W×H, mm) 2150×1594×2100 2640×1903×2270
Weight (kg) 990 1550

Related Names
Flour Sifting Machine | Flour Sieve Machine | Flour Grading Equipment