• Purifier

    It is used to purify and grade the different-sized middling and semolina offered by previous plansifter for a second time, thus obtaining pure middling...

  • Impact Mill

    It is used to shatter grains after they have received reduction grinding so as to enhance the flour yield rate and alleviate the burden of roller mills. For example...

  • Impact Detacher

    The rotor is directly connected to the motor, while initiative impact, front impact and side impact are all available for the grains. The impact force is big.

  • Bran Finisher

    Our product employs slanted beaters to give the tangentially incoming material stream an extra axial motion, and this could improve the flour yield...

  • Bran Brusher

    The FFPS series bran brusher is our qualified product. It is designed to process flour particles that adhere to the bran, thus facilitating the following break grinding operation.

  • Square Plansifter

    The aluminum alloy sections are meticulously and precisely machined and then assembled to form the sieve frame. For sieve frames that share the same specification.

  • Roller Mill

    This machine offers three control methods including automatic control, manual control and centralized remote control. The centralized remote control is able.