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Roller Mill

The roller mill is one of the key equipment in wheat flour processing plants, and it is used to grind the cereal. Our product possesses many outstanding properties as illustrated below.

1. Beautiful Appearance
a. Some experts majored in artistic modeling from the Beijing Institute of Technology are in charge of the appearance design. So, the flat surfaces, curved surfaces, straight lines and stream lines are combined together in a perfect way to make sure that our machine has a simple but exquisite look.
b. All the steel parts are made from cold rolled steel sheets that are originally manufactured by Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation, and their surfaces are smooth and flat.
c. For our roller mill, all the steel sheets are cut by laser cutting machines, bent by CNC bending machines, and machined into desired shape in a single-pressing step. Hence, there is no scratch on the steel plate, and the processing precision is very high. In addition, excellent consistency is achieved for same components.
d. Due to the application of state-of-the-art welding technique, high mechanical strength and little deformation are both expectable, and there is no weld mark on the machine surface.
e. The electrostatic spraying technology is applied to coat a layer of plastics onto the outer surface of our product. As a result, the machine surface is flat, bright and wear-resistant, while color fading, paint cracking/flaking and other problems are all avoided.

2. Sturdy Construction
a. The base of our roller mill is fabricated by cast iron, and as a result of its high strength, the base is very firm and won't change its shape easily. Meanwhile, it cuts down the vibration and noise generated during working, while the assembly precision of rolls and the working stability of the entire machine are both enhanced.
b. The support on the upper side is manufactured by cutting high-quality steel sheets into desired shapes with the help of a laser cutting machine, and then combing them together. It shows excellent interchangeability, and its positional accuracy and dimensional accuracy are far superior to ones made from cast iron.
c. The observation tube is a combination of steel plate and organic glass, so it is very durable with a simple appearance. There is a handhole on the top, and it can be opened to remove foreign matters inside the observation tube.
d. This roller mill makes use of a unique negative pressure air duct to make the air move reasonably inside the machine. This not only avoids condensation and powder spraying phenomena caused by unreasonable air flow, but also effectively reduces the noise resulted from air motion.
e. The servo material feeding system is very sensitive, and it works in a reliable way. Depending on the material quantity, the feeding door could automatically adjust its openness degree to guarantee the flow equilibrium between the hopper and the grinding zone. So, less energy is required, and the grinding efficiency is enhanced.
f. The roll gap adjustment usually employs a control arm for the conventional method. However, this roller mill sets the compressed spring on the pull rod, and it regulates the cylinder position instead of the control arm to adjust the roll gap. This mechanism is sensitive, highly precise and labor saving. Moreover, the pneumatic locking system works in a reliable and convenient manner, thereby eliminating the possibility of accidental roll gap adjustment when this machine stops.
g. The rolls are cleaned by either a brush or a scraper, and this selection should be in accordance with actual flour manufacturing process.

3. Reliable Control System
a. This machine offers three control methods including automatic control, manual control and centralized remote control. The centralized remote control is able to separate or reunite the clutches of all roller mills at the same time, thus helping the operators out from heavy work.
b. Our product is outfitted with start and stop buttons for the main motor, and the control circuit could be tailored to best fit for the PLC.
c. The gravity sensing system detects the material flow rate and stock level to realize follow-up control, such as the opening of feeding door, the stop of rolls, etc.
d. The digital ammeter is able to reveal accurate data, and these values can be seen clearly even from a distance due to the application of red Nixie tubes. As a result, the operators can know the running status of this machine easily.
e. Our roller mill is divided into two series which are PLMFD series and PLMFQ series, and the major difference between these two is that the feed roll of PLMFD series is directly driven by a small-power motor. This motor is controlled by a small PLC system to realize stepless speed regulation. So, the material feeding process is automatically controlled, and this will improve the grinding result, especially for break grinding process.
f. The electronic control system of PLMFD series is mainly comprised of PLC, sensor, frequency converter and human-machine interface. These components are all introduced from other countries to ensure that the entire control system is able to deliver stable and reliable performance for a very long time regardless of the ambient temperature, working condition and location. This digital control method precisely controls the material feeding speed and detects the stock level inside the hopper, so it can avoid powder spraying problem to optimize the grinding effect and improve the sanitation.
g. For the PLMFD series, their PLC control systems are equipped with an interface respectively to communicate with the master PLC, thus realizing centralized remote control. So, operators will get clear knowledge about the working status of every roller mill.

4. Advanced Configuration and Low Maintenance Requirement
a. The machine base is fabricated through casting process as a whole.
b. The pneumatic clutch delivers power to the feed roll, and the material feeding door is equipped with servo feeding mechanism.
c. The grinding rolls are provided by Meiji-Machine Co., Ltd. (Japan) or the best manufacturers in China. They are fabricated through centrifugal casting process by electric furnace, and all the shafts receive thermal refining (quenching and tempering) treatment.
d. The bearings for grinding rolls are supplied by SKF (Sweden) or FAG (Germany), while other bearings are all high-end products manufactured in China.
e. When it comes to the pneumatic elements, they are offered by SMC (Japan) and Parker (USA). No lubrication is needed, and the operation cost is cut down.
f. The advanced PL tooth-wedge belts are manufactured by a famous enterprise in China. They are characterized by big transmission power and long service life, and tooth damage is completely solved.
g. Our roller mill comes with some professional maintenance tools as well as a specialized trolley used to mount/dismount grinding rolls. Additionally, the installation base and shock pad indicate that direct installation is feasible and there is no need to make a base by yourself.

Technical Parameters of PLMFQ Series(For reference only)

Grinding roll size (length×diameter, mm) Fast roll rotating speed (r/min) Rotating speed ratio between fast and slow rolls Rotating speed ratio between feed rolls Motor power Working pressure of pneumatic circuit (MPa) Overall dimensions (L×W×H, mm) Weight (kg)
PLMFQ 100×25 1000×250 350~600 1.25:1/1.5:1/2.5:1 1.5:1/2:1/2.5:1 7.5-22kW with 6 poles 0.5~0.6 1810×1462×1855 3300
PLMFQ 125×25 1250×250 350~600 2060×1462×1855 3800
PLMFQ 100×30 1000×300 350~500 1810×1582×1885 3950
PLMFQ 125×30 1250×300 350~500 2060×1582×1885 4500
Technical Parameters of PLMFD Series(For reference only)

Grinding roll size (length×diameter, mm) Fast roll rotating speed (r/min) Rotating speed ratio between fast and slow rolls Motor power for feed rolls (kW) Front feed roll rotating speed (r/min) Motor power Working pressure of pneumatic circuit (MPa)) Overall dimensions (L×W×H, mm) Weight (kg)
PLMFD 100×25 1000×250 350~600 1.25:1/1.5:1/2.5:1 0.37 60~200 7.5-22kW with 6 poles 0.5~0.6 1810×1462×1855 3300
PLMFD 125×25 1250×250 350~600 2060×1462×1855 3800
PLMFD 100×30 1000×300 350~500 1810×1582×1885 3950
PLMFD 125×30 1250×300 350~500 2060×1582×1885 4500

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