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Impact Detacher

The FSJZ series impact detacher is designed for materials that have undergone reduction grinding. It uses intensive impact to shatter the materials and kill the pests as well as their eggs, thus greatly improving the flour processing efficiency.

1. Outstanding Performance

The rotor is directly connected to the motor, while initiative impact, front impact and side impact are all available for the grains. The impact force is big, and the flour yield rate is very high.

2. Low Maintenance Requirement
The pin is made of low carbon steel, and it also receives carburizing treatment. The outer surface is 0.5mm thick, and the hardness level is 50HRC. So, the service cycle is very long, indicating that less maintenance is required.

3. Good Sanitation
For our impact detacher, its enclosure is manufactured through welding process, and its excellent tightness stops dust inside from floating into the ambient environment.

Technical Parameters(For reference only)

Throughput (t/h) Power (kW) Overall dimensions (L×W×H, mm)
FSJZ430 1-1.5 3 520×540×590
FSJZ470 1.3-1.8 4 550×580×620
FSJZ530 1.5-2.5 5.5 640×650×720

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