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Bucket Elevator

The TDTGK series bucket elevator is a fixed mechanism for hauling materials. It uses the bucket to contain powders, particles or small bulk materials, and then elevates the bucket in a vertical and continuous way. This machine is commonly seen in different-sized feed manufacturing plants, flour processing mills, starch factories and cereal storage stations.

1. Sturdy construction is taken as one of the most outstanding features of our product, and this reduces requirements for maintenance. For the components that are more often to work under abrasion, they are fabricated by special wear-resistant materials to get longer service life and better operational reliability. Moreover, due to the implementation of inspection door and split hood, our product allows easy cleaning and maintenance.

2. For standard configuration, our bucket elevator is fabricated by carbon steel, and it is covered with one or several layers of powder coating, while galvanization treatment is also available. So, this machine fits for both indoor and outdoor applications. In addition, it can be constructed by stainless steel if requested, and the machine color could be tailored as well.


Technical Parameters(For reference only)

Conveying capacity (t/h) Power (kW)
TDTGK14/11 1-4 0.55-0.75
TDTGK20/13 3-7 0.75-1.55
TDTGK26/13 8-15 1.5-2.2
TDTGK30/18 15-35 3
TDTGK40/23 20-45 4-5.5
TDTGK50/28 60-75 5.5-11
TDTGK60/33 75-120 11-15

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