• Disc Cylinder Separator

    According to the differences in length or grain shape between wheat and impurities, our product could remove away impurities that are similar to wheat.

  • Atomizing Dampener

    As the name implies, this machine converts liquid water into small water drops with diameter of smaller than 100 microns, thus realizing uniform moisture addition.

  • Wheat Washer

    After the coarse, fine and light impurities are all eliminated from the wheat, this machine should be applied to wash away clods, mixed stones, pesticides.

  • Aspiration Separator

    The machine enclosure looks like a cylinder, and the material distribution unit is an umbrella-shaped plate under which lies an annular material channel to realize ...

  • Three Blade Dampener

    It possesses excellent sealing tightness, and SPB belt is adopted for transmission. On the other hand, dynamic balance test is a must before installing rotors.

  • Intensive Dampener

    For the screw conveyor, its screw blades are arranged in a helical manner on the shaft, and some of the materials will move forward when the blades are stirring. However.

  • Magnetic Separator

    With a high magnetic flux density of 200-380mT, the iron removal efficiency is 99% at least.The high-performance permanent magnet cuts down the maintenance cost...

  • Wheat Brusher

    The screen mesh is manufactured by weaving special materials, and it has a high opening ratio. It shows excellent separation effect, and the service life is very long.

  • Horizontal Wheat Scourer

    Owing to the gentle processing step, the germ, epidermis and endosperm are neatly separated, while only an extremely small amount of fine particle is created.

  • Gravity Destoner

    Our machine possesses outstanding grain cleaning ability, and it could remove light stones whose sizes are similar to grain kernels' from a stream of grain in a very ...

  • Vertical Air Separator

    For the first wind winnowing step, the separation efficiency of light impurities is 70% at least, and not less than 60% for other winnowing steps. In addition.

  • Rotary Separator

    The screen is constructed by thin steel sheet, and there are many cross-arranged perforated holes to guarantee the overall performance. The screens are cleaned .

  • Self Balanced Vibratory Separa

    The screen is made of thin steel sheet, and the punched holes are arranged in a cross manner to ensure excellent cleaning result. Technically speaking, our product.

  • Circulating Air Separator

    This equipment possesses outstanding tightness, and the connection parts are handled by sealing strip. As a result, dust separated from the grains won't spread.