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Wheat Washer

The FXMS series wheat washer is a wet cleaning machine that is commonly used in large and medium sized flour mills.

After the coarse, fine and light impurities are all eliminated from the wheat, this machine should be applied to wash away clods, mixed stones, pesticides, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants which may adhere to the surface or body of wheat kernels.

At the same time, the washing process also slightly adds water content of the wheat, and the physical properties of wheat are changed accordingly. For example, the bran shows improved tenacity, and the grinding performance is enhanced. In addition, the moisture addition rate is usually within 2.5%-8%.

1. Sturdy Construction

The water tank is manufactured by high-quality and corrosion-resistant marine steel plates.

2. Convenient Maintenance
For this wheat washer, the upper and lower bearing seats are designed with oil filling ports to facilitate lubrication operations for the bearing, so the maintenance is vey simple. Meanwhile, the cleaning door is set at the lower end of the machine, and it adopts wedge-shaped iron lever for clamping. Thus, blocking problem will be solved easily if it occurs.

3. Reasonable Design
With the help of an auto-washing device, the work site will be very clean, and the moisture addition level is extremely stable.

4. Low Noise
The rotor receives dynamic balance test to improve its working precision and reduce the noise level.

5. Low Maintenance Cost
The machine door, sieve plate, angle iron and corresponding fastening components are all made from stainless steel. So, the service cycle is extended by 3-5 times, thus greatly reducing the maintenance cost of this wheat washer.

Technical Parameters(For reference only)

Throughput (t/h) Power (kW)
FXMS50×110 2 Auger conveyor: 1.1
Main motor: 4
FXMS60×130 3~5 Auger conveyor: 1.1
Main motor: 5.5
FXMS80×150 5~7 Auger conveyor: 1.5
Main motor: 7.5
FXMS90×150 7~9 Auger conveyor: 1.5
Main motor: 11
FXMS105×170 12~15 Auger conveyor: 2.2
Main motor: 18.5

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