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Aspiration Separator

The TXFY series aspiration separator is especially designed to remove dust, husk and other low-density impurities from cereal grains, and it is the ideal device to cut down ash content of grains before grinding.

1. Outstanding Cleaning Effect

The machine enclosure looks like a cylinder, and the material distribution unit is an umbrella-shaped plate under which lies an annular material channel to realize even material distribution. Meanwhile, air intakes are arranged around the outer side of the material channel, and air volume is uniform for different parts. The material flow could be controlled by adjusting the hopper, thus obtaining improved cleaning result.

2. Easy Operation and Maintenance
This machine doesn't consume electricity, and only the air flow needs to be regulated according to practical applications. So, our aspiration separator allows simple operation and maintenance.

3. Clean Working Site
Due to the leading-edge processing technology, dust won't spread into the ambient environment. So, the working place will be quite clean.

Technical Parameters(For reference only)

Throughput (t/h) Overall dimensions (L×W×H, mm)
Cleaning Pre-cleaning
TXFY-80 10 50 930×930×2110
TXFY-100 16 63 1130×1130×2210
TXFY-120 20 83 1300×1300×2115

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