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Vertical Air Separator

The XFD series vertical air separator makes use of vertical air flow to separate dust, hull, injured kernel, shriveled wheat and other light impurities from wheat. For the first wind winnowing step, the separation efficiency of light impurities is 70% at least, and not less than 60% for other winnowing steps. In addition, this machine usually works together with rotary separator, destoner and wheat scourer.

1. Remarkable Separation Performance

On the basis of air flow control technology, the unprocessed grains are uniformly distributed across the entire machine width. Due to the differences in specific gravity, light particles, such as dust, straw, broken hull and others, are removed from the grains.

On the other hand, the clean and dust-free grains are very meaningful for the following steps. For example, it is much easier to maintain the clean environment in the workshop, while dust explosion and other potential risks are also avoided.

2. Adjustable Air Velocity
For this vertical air separator, the air velocity should be adjusted depending on the types of original grain, and this operation is very convenient. However, operators need to get a clear view of the working situation in time to check the overall performance. Considering this, a large and transparent partition is outfitted to the aspiration channel, and a lighting device is also installed. So, people could observe the entire working process and adjust the air velocity to optimize the separation efficiency at any time.

3. Multi-function Design
This multi-functional product is applicable for various conditions. For example, according to the specific design, it can work together with rotary separator or self balanced vibratory separator. In addition, the available space will be fully utilized even if it works with a vibratory separator, because these two fundamental grain cleaning machines could be connected in a compact way.

4. Optimized Throughput
The material feeding process is very important for the final output. Our vertical air separator optimizes the feeding process to create a stable material curtain, thus evenly placing the unprocessed materials. So, in a floor mill, the final throughput could reach up to as high as 24 t/h.

Technical Parameters(For reference only)

Throughput (t/h) Overall dimensions (L×W×H, mm)
XFD80 12 1035×450×1700
XFD100 16 1235×450×1700
XFD120 20 1435×450×1700
XFD150 24 1800×450×1800

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