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Magnetic Separator

The magnetic separator is a small-sized unpowered device used to completely remove ferrous impurities from cereal and flour. It can be installed at the inlet of processing equipment, or between connection pipes.

1. With a high magnetic flux density of 200-380mT, the iron removal efficiency is 99% at least.
2. The high-performance permanent magnet cuts down the maintenance cost.
3. The magnet is fixed on the door, and it can be seen clearly when swinging open the door. Meanwhile, the magnet allows convenient cleaning, and there is no need to shut down the machine during cleaning.

Depending on the abovementioned properties, this magnetic separator is the ideal product for you.








Technical Parameters(For reference only)

Throughput (t/h) Power (kW) Overall dimensions (L×W×H, mm)
0 200×Ф200×370

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Flour Cleaning Equipment | Iron Removal Machine | Permanent Magnetic Separation Device