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Disc Cylinder Separator

The disc cylinder separator is an indispensable machine when manufacturing high-grade flour. According to the differences in length or grain shape between wheat and impurities, our product could remove away impurities that are similar to wheat, such as barley, oats, straw, buckwheat, etc.

1. Due to the implementation of high-quality steel plate, laser cutting technology and other leading-edge processing techniques, this machine has a very sturdy structure.
2. As the name implies, this disc cylinder separator combines the advantages of disc separator and cylinder separator together to realize improved separation effect with higher precision.
3. The discs are constructed by wear-resistant materials to guarantee the long service life. So, the operation cost is effectively cut down.




Technical Parameters(For reference only)

Throughput (t/h) 8-10
Outer diameter of disc (mm) 630
Disc specification Large pocket Pocket size 8mm, type A 8mm, type B
Disc number 5pcs 10pcs
Small pocket Pocket size 5mm 5.5mm
Disc number 12pcs 6pcs
Rotation speed of disc (r/min) 54~56
Rotation speed of cylinder (r/min) 54~56
Air requirement (m3/h) 600-900
Power (kW) 4

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