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Technical Strength

Pingle has an efficient technology research and development team. They are responsible for the development and design of the product structure, milling process, automated control and the work flow. Our company succeeded in the buyout of Beijing Milling Scientific Research Co., Ltd. that has more than 10 domestically well-known milling experts with over 30 years of experience in the industry. This company is one of the authorities engaged in the design of grain processing technology. Under this background, the overall technological level and the capacity of Pingle is comprehensively enhanced, and the continuous development and launching of the new products with high quality is hereby ensured. Additionally, Pingle Technical Research Centre is designated as Shijiazhuang Grain Processing Equipment Engineering and Technology Research Centre and undertakes a large number of projects. We have applied for more than 10 patents and obtained outstanding achievement in the aspect of independent innovation. The technical team of Pingle is staffed with sheet-metal engineers, welding engineers, assembly engineers, equipment maintenance engineers and testing engineers. The relevant technical staff with rich production experience and innovation ability are a reliable guarantee to the fine machining of the product. Besides, Pingle has advanced mechanical equipment such as CNC laser cutting machine, full-automatic processing machine, CNC lathe, vertical machining centre, dynamic balance tester, CNC bending press and large-scale all-purpose hydraulic machine with four pillars. With the experienced and professional workers, high product machining precision has been realized.